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Available in 57 Countries

50+ Packaging Patterns

What We Offer

The honeycomb structure consists of rows of hexagonal cells that are bonded together, creating a strong and lightweight material. The size of the cells can be customized to fit the specific needs of the product being packaged.


Why Choose Greencore

Light Weight

Honeycomb packaging is lightweight, making it ideal for transportation and shipping purposes.

High Strength To Weight Ratio

Greencore honeycomb structure provides strength and durability to the packaging, allowing it to withstand shock and vibration during transport.

Eco Friendly

Greencore Honeycomb packaging is made from renewable materials, such as paper or cardboard, making it a more sustainable option than traditional packaging materials

Anti Bacterial & Moisture Resistent

Honeycomb packaging is anti-bacterial resistant to moisture and humidity, which helps protect products from damage during shipping.

We Keep Top Notch Pallets


“Amazing Honeycomb heavy duty box, it keeps product intact without any damage.”

Lyla Rosen

“Greencore Packaging is very professional they delivered consignment before deadline.”

Ben Dersler

“Must buy, the quality of honeycomb panels was excellent.”

Ryan Fry

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