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Honeycomb Pallet Box

Discover the strength and sustainability of Honeycomb Pallet Box Solutions! Our advanced honeycomb technology creates durable, eco-friendly pallet boxes tailored to your shipping needs. Explore cost-effective, customizable options that prioritize quality and environmental responsibility. Unlock the power of honeycomb technology with us today!

Quality and Features of Honeycomb Pallet Box.


The honeycomb paper board used to make the box is made from kraft paper and recycled paper, which are environmentally friendly materials.

Box Capacity

The box has a high load carrying capacity and can hold between 100-500 kg, depending on the specific size and design.

Packaging Type

The box is packaged in another box, which can help protect it during shipping and storage.


The box can come in different shapes, such as rectangular or square, to accommodate a wide range of products.


The box can come in different colors, such as brown or white, to meet the specific needs of different industries and products.


The weight of the box is between 5-8 kg, which is relatively light compared to other types of boxes with similar load carrying capacities.

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